Mentoring is a fantastic way to advance your teams personal and professional development, regardless of where they are in their careers. It is adaptable enough to be conducted in person, over the phone, or by e-mail, providing organisations with a larger pool of mentors or mentees. 

From a diversity viewpoint, Black Charity Leaders (BCL) believes that through mentoring, your team can support racially minoritised charity employees in their career advancement – leading to overall skills development, network building, and progression to leadership roles. 

Supporting your staff members to become mentors for BCL will enhance the professional standing and development of your colleagues, as well as encourage your team to grow and improve while they volunteer as a mentor. The following are some of the advantages of professional mentoring for your organisation’s employees: 

  • Help your organisation become an employer of choice as your team shares their knowledge and experience 
  • Broaden their perspective – allowing your team members to be more confident in their approach to problem-solving 
  • Develop their management skills – encouraging them to meet organisational goals more effectively 
  • Expand their network 
  • Enhance their own professional standing 
  • Increase representation of minoritised individuals among leadership, which helps to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce 


At BCL, we will ensure that your employees will develop the skills needed to elevate their careers through our mentoring scheme. We will support these colleagues wanting to share their knowledge and experience to those who need it, thus providing a chance to further elevate their professional standing. If you would like to find out how your charity or organisation could get involved, please contact us here.