Making The Leap is a social justice charity that aims to improve social mobility by providing access to opportunities for young people from less advantaged backgrounds. We have launched a new initiative, Black Charity Leaders, with the goal to improve diversity, inclusion, and equality in the charity sector. We aim to do this by supporting the career development of early to mid-career level racially minoritised professionals in this sector.


So, what is this cause?

The Black Charity Leaders initiative is now more important than ever. With the events of 2020 and the outpouring of support that businesses across the globe gave to the black community, our services are something we feel that the charity sector can use to improve its workforce.

As conversations around race equality increase, it has become apparent that racially minoritised employees are more likely to feel undervalued in the workplace—and it’s no different in the world of charity. This initiative aims to support the charity sector by removing barriers that racially minoritised professionals in this sector will face in their careers.

We want to work with charities from all over the UK that are committed to introducing and developing diversity and inclusion initiatives within their organisations, helping to bridge the value gap for their early-mid career colleagues of colour. We will do this through our programme, which combines executive coaching, mentoring, training, and masterclasses for these professionals.

If you are a charity looking to support the career development of your early to mid-career level team members/employees, or even an organisation looking to support us – contact Tanisha at to find out more about our initiative.